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Incentive Services & Programs

Incentive programs and services create a positive difference within companies and organizations. Recognition and awards are used to motivate, to encourage, reward and sustain performance improvement.

A wide range of companies and organizations use incentives and rewards for any number of reasons. Incentives are used very successfully to motivate and reward a sales force. Increasing sales is on every company's priority list. One or more of the following can be accomplished through the implementation of sales incentives, regardless of your distributionincentive-group channel.

  • Increase sales of all or specific products.
  • Gain market share.
  • Generate new accounts and grow existing accounts.
  • Increase customer retention, satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Increase margins.
  • Stabilize or change product mix.

Incentives and awards are also used to reward personnel for achieving a higher level of productivity, and to reduce accidents and incidents by working safely. Safety incentives can help create a work environment that increases safety awareness and promotes a team environment to identify and eliminate the situations, conditions, and/or behaviors that could potentially result in accidents or injuries.

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