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Blended Learning Features & Benefits

  • The six phase performance system significantly increases the likelihood of learning that results in behavior change.
  • Total workshop training time reduced by 20-40% by using eLearning to teach learning models/concepts.  Workshop time is focused on essential actions and application to work situations. 
  • On-line pre assessment establishes baseline measurement of knowledge and increases participant readiness for the total learning experience.
  • Post-assessment measures individual knowledge transfer leading to an increased likelihood of performance improvement. 
  • The configurable soft-copy job-aids provide an on-going resource for continuous professional growth.
  • Brandable workbooks provide a continuous reference for continued learning.
  • Professional classroom instructors with subject knowledge and expertise accelerate learning and skill development.
  • Electronic notifications, reminders, and emails enhance the importance of this learning and performance improvement process.
  • Behavior change is increased as a result of integrated follow-up coaching and mentoring.
  • Engages more of the senses (hear, see, do), resulting in higher retention.
  • Focused interaction with other participants accelerates skill mastery.
  • Provides access to, and interactions with instructor(s).
  • The implementation of a Performance Improvement System instead of a one-time event significantly increases Return on Investment of training dollars.


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