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intRAtrain Library offers 300 employee soft skill and management development e-learning courses that is “changing the face of learning” with course design that includes chunked learning, video and optimization for mobile learning.  Course bundles, learning tracks and sequencing help guarantee employees get the most from their learning experience.

intRAtrain Library modules cover a wide range of topics bundled by development need.  Additionally there are many critical skills toolkits designed with industry leaders to develop employee skills quickly and effectively. 

The toolkits are:
Bud to Boss- a 20 module toolkit designed for anyone who is new to supervising and managing others; it will provide the foundation needed to take on a new leadership position.  New managers will learn how to communicate with former peers who are not subordinates, as well as develop their skills to coach others, give feedback and handle performance reviews.  In addition, they will learn how to conduct difficult conversations, all in a way that is comfortable and productive for everyone.

Writing to Get Things Done- a 12 module toolkit designed to help individuals improve productivity by using writing as a powerful tool to get things done.  Individuals will improve their on-the-job writing skills, including creating clear, easy-to-read emails, letters, memos, meeting minutes, procedures and technical reports. 

Remote Leadership- a module toolkit designed to help leaders build the skills needed to successfully lead and manage a virtual team.  The toolkit covers six topic areas designed to develop successful leaders that manage no matter where their employees work in the world.  

Performance Management and Development- a 8 module toolkit designed to solve some common performance management, performance review and development headaches.  Learn how to turn one time discussions into on-going discussions that yield valuable annual reviews and motivated employees. 

The Stay Interview- a 12 module toolkit designed reduce turnover and increase engagement.  Stay Interviews are one-on-one meetings between leaders and newly hired employees designed to improve engagement and retention.  This toolkit builds the leaders skills to successfully conduct Stay Interview and to build successful Stay Plans. 

totalView Behavioral Based Interviewing
- a 6 module toolkit teaches the OMNIview patented "Behavior Based Interviewing" approached.  This approach allows individuals to structure both behavioral interview questions and the many other non-behavioral based questions you need to have answered. 

Conducting Great Online Demos and Sales Calls- a 3 module toolkit builds the skills sales people need to conduct effective and successful online demos and sales calls.  Sales territories are getting larger and product demos are very important, yet being comfortable in the online environment is touch.  Lear how to use technology to achieve the same goals. 

Predictable Revenue- a 12 module toolkit designed for sales leaders to create scalable revenue, a repeatable system and gain piece of mind knowing the system they've put in place will do its job and ultimately increase sales. 

Course modules are available for all employee types and learning needs. The management courses are designed for those with responsibilities of leading and inspiring employee performance. The courses help build the skills needed to manage individual and team performance, engage and retain employees, as well as contribute to organizational success.

The individual courses are designed for all employees.  Topics include communication and team skills, improving personal performance, as well as skills to help the individual become a contributing member of the organization, now and into the future.

intRAtrain Library modules are a great stand-alone training product  they can also be bundled together with safety, custom and blended learning products to create a complete learning curriculum.    

We live and work in a dynamic and competitive world. That means personnel must have the knowledge and the tools that will propel them and your business into the future. If you have a training need, let intRAtrain™ Library be your training solution.


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