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Customer Experience Features and Benefits

The tools and resources allow for:
  • Quick deployment of information—push out information quickly
  • Expanded reach—reach each segment with customized information
  • Customizable Incentive / Recognition options- Manage and reward behavios
  • Goal setting and tracking—Reach your sales numbers
  • Informative Intel- Track and respond to data
The applications designed to manage the end-to-end experience include
  • Marketing tools- Designed to create content and send emails
  • Training- Create, Upload and mange any of your training (internal, B2B, B2C)
  • Incentives and Rewards- Create and manage programs to increase and improve loayalty
  • CRM/ Team Management- Segment, automate and manage the process and funnel
  • Promotions- create, send and target promotions, content and communications to channel partners and customers
  • Feedback- Collect feedback and survey results to understand the value of communications and experience journeys
  • Commerce- Manage rewards store and fulfillment of promotion and incentive items.
  • Dashboards- Create dashboards to track and measure performance
  • Results- Measure response to track effectiveness and react accordingly to improve results

The result of using the tools and applications to create a complete customer experience.

  • Increased revenue and sales
    • Forester research has show that great customer experiences can lead to 60% higher profitss
  • Create loyalty & retention
    • 44% of consumers consider customer loyalty to be a relic of the past. Focus on the experience first and avoid losing customers.
  • Increase advocacy and referrals
    • It costs less for a referral so start creating WOW moments through great customer experiences that will increase advocacy.
  • Reduce churn
    • Accenture research has show that price is not the main reason for churn, it is the overall quality of customer services
  • Gain the competitive advantage
    • Customer experience offers the perfect platform for organizations to differentiate themselves from their competitor landscape.

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