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intRAtrain™ Library Course Catalog

There are over 300 online computer training modules available through intRAtrain™ Library.

Manager Courses

Courses designed for supervisors, managers and leaders who are responsible for leading, coaching, and inspiring employee performance. These courses will help build the skills needed to manage individual and team performance, engage and retain employees, as well as contribute to organization success.

Course Bundles for Managers # Courses
Building Trust and Respect 5
Coaching Career Development 6
Communication Skills for Managers 8
Conflict Management Skills 5
Creating Great Teamwork 5
Delegating Work 5
Developing and Coaching Employees 8
Discussing Total Compensation 5
Giving Great Feedback 5
Increasing Employee Engagement 8
Leadership Essentials 12
Leading the Organization Strategy 8
Management Essentials 15
Managing for Success 12
Meeting Management 5
Onboarding New Employees 18
Project Management for Managers 18
Providing Resources for Success 8
Recognizing Employees 5
Retaining Your Employees 8
Supervision Basics 8

Toolkits for Managers
Bud to Boss 20

Course Bundles for Individuals # Courses
Basic Business Skills 10
Become a Contributing Project Team Member 9
Building Your Career (also available in Spanish) 8
Building Your Leadership Skills 10
Communicating with Others 5
Creating Great Work 5
Developing for Success 10
Developing Work Relationships 7
Increasing Your Contribution at Work 8
Personal Behaviors and Conduct 7
Starting a New Job 7
You and Your Boss 5
Toolkits for Individuals
Writing to Get Things Done® (also available in Spanish) 12

Building Trust and Respect
Course Title Course Result
Supporting Company Values Understand how your actions support the company values
Fairness with Others Evaluate how fair you are with others
Building Trust with Employees Build trust by learning what will create a great work situation for each employee
Trusting Others to Innovate Increase trust and respect by supporting and encouraging innovation
Respect through Resources Build respect by creating a network of resources for employees

Coaching Career Development
Course Title Course Result
Employee Career Aspirations Get to know your employee’s career desires and aspirations
The Company Career System Employees learn about the company career system
Career Plans for Your Employees Create a career plan with your employee
Finding Employee Development Opportunities Identify skill development opportunities for your employee
Building an Employee’s Professional Network Help build your employee’s professional network
Career Plans and Employee Expectations If needed, set appropriate expectations with employees regarding their career plans

Communication Skills for Managers
Course Title Course Result
Team Communication Expectations Establish team communication norms and expectations
Managerial Listening Skills Evaluate your communication with others to see how well you listen
Communicate Clear and Concise Messages Use three communication elements to strengthen your ability to deliver clear and concise messages
Team Listening Evaluate your communication with co-workers and peers to see how well you listen
Right Information at the Right Time Ensure your team gets the right information at the right time
Communicating with Different Audiences Create communication reminders for the most frequent audiences you interact with
Team Communication Feedback Team members let you know when you perform selected communication actions
Communicating Key Messages Receive feedback from your team on how well you are communicating key messages

Conflict Management Skills
Course Title Course Result
Helping Employees Manage Conflict Learn how to recognize when team members need help managing conflict
Help Groups Resolve Conflict Use a mediation process to help groups resolve existing conflict
Conflict Management Expectations Create expectations for managing conflict
Create a Conflict Management Culture Create a conflict management agenda item to create a conflict management culture
Coaching Employees to Manage Conflict Provide employees a process for managing conflict with others

Creating Great Teamwork
Course Title Course Result
Team Norms and Expectations Create behavior norms and expectations for working together as a team
Creating a Strong Team Culture Create a team culture that capitalizes on team member strengths
Working with Others Within the Company Identify actions the team can take to strengthen how they work with others within the company
Project Teams Rely on Each Other Encourage project teams and work teams to rely on each other’s skills, knowledge, and abilities
Involving Others for Great Decisions Involve the right people and gather the right information to make great decisions

Delegating Work
Course Title Course Result
Delegating to Others Determine what you can delegate to others to be more effective in your role
Delegating with Clear Expectations Establish clear agreements regarding what will be done when delegating to employees
Getting Buy-In When Delegating Increase buy-in for your requests when delegating to others
When Agreements are Broken Effectively confront others when agreements are broken
Leadership through Delegation Strengthen your leadership capabilities through delegation

Developing and Coaching Employees
Course Title Course Result
Support Your Team for Performance Determine how to support your team so they can perform at their best
Giving Employee Feedback Employees receive feedback on their job performance
Building Employee Skills Top two actions your employees can do to improve their capabilities and contribute to organization
Skill Development Plan Create a skill development plan with your employee
Coaching After Mistakes Use a coaching process after employees make mistakes or miss their performance goals
Energizing Work Identify what work is energizing to your employees
Support Employee Development Identify actions you can take to support each person’s development
Improve the Feedback You Give Others Improve the feedback employees receive on their performance

Discussing Total Compensation
Course Title Course Result
Market Range Compensation Help employees know what the compensation market range is for their role
Performance and Rewards Discuss with your employees how individual performance impacts rewards and compensation
Linking Performance and Rewards Create a clear link between performance delivered and rewards received
Going Above and Beyond Identify who needs to be rewarded for working hard and going above and beyond what’s required
Benefits Discussion Conduct a benefits discussion with your team

Giving Great Feedback
Course Title Course Result
Improve the Quality of Feedback You Give Improve the quality of the feedback you give your employees
Employees Monitor Personal Performance Employees monitor and measure their own performance
Acting with Appropriate Speed to Problems Evaluate whether you acted with appropriate speed to problems and issues
Employee Reactions to Performance Evaluations Quickly understand how employees feel about their performance evaluation and rating
Teams Monitor Performance Team members learn how to monitor and measure their own performance

Increasing Employee Engagement
Course Title Course Result
Supporting Employees Determine how you support your employees
Connecting Work to the Organization Connect the work employees do to the organization and to future opportunities
Requirements for Success Assess whether employees have what they need to be successful in their role
Using an Employee’s Best Skills and Abilities Perform a job evaluation to determine if a particular role uses an employee's best skills and abilities
Team Satisfaction The team evaluates how well the company meets their individual needs
Inform and Inspire Your Team Inform and inspire your employees regarding the team’s vision
Work-Life Balance for Each Person Understand what work/life balance looks like for each person
Appreciating Contribution and Results Ask a leader to thank an individual employee or team for their contribution and results

Leadership Essentials
Course Title Course Result
Become a Reliable Leader with Integrity Increase the actions and behaviors that demonstrate you are a reliable leader with integrity
Balance Your Leadership and Employee Roles Determine your work priorities as a leader and as an individual contributor
Connecting Goals to Vision Connect every employee’s individual goals to the organization’s vision and strategy
Connecting Team Work to the Strategy Discuss how the team’s goals and core work is directly connected to the company’s strategy
Align Resources to Strategic Priorities Define the strategic priorities for the department and align the required resources
Speaking Your Mind Assess if people are truly able to speak freely within the team
Innovation Norms and Expectations Create team innovation norms and expectations
Are Your Actions Consistent with Your Values? Determine if your actions are consistent with your values
Keep Your Top Talent Perform a top talent review to determine what you need to do to keep your top talent
Increase Employee Innovation Increase the level of innovative actions of your employees
Responding to Issues and Concerns Evaluate how you respond to concerns or issues presented by your employees
Analyze the Pros and Cons of Key Decisions Analyze essential information and the pros and cons of key decisions

Leading the Organization Strategy
Course Title Course Result
Integrity Expectations Identify and share what you expect from your employees
How Employees Support Organization Goals Show employees how they support the organization’s goals and strategy
A Leader’s Thoughts on Strategy Ask a leader to discuss the company’s upcoming strategy and changes with your team
Connecting Work to Company Objectives Create the connection between company objectives and employees’ core work
Meeting Goals and Achieving the Strategy Determine what the team can do to help meet the team’s goals and achieve the organization strategy
Connecting Work Projects to the Vision Evaluate the success of projects based on how well it moved the company towards its vision & strategy
Capture and Share Best Practices Encourage the capturing and sharing of best practices and lessons learned
Trust Others to Drive the Strategy Show employees you trust them to support the organization’s goals and strategy

Management Essentials
Course Title Course Result
Giving Clear Work Priorities Employees get clear on their work priorities for the next 30 days
What Employees Need Find out what your employees need from you, their manager
Reinforce Great Teamwork Create a team meeting agenda item to reinforce great teamwork
Valuing Employees Discuss with your employees why you value them, why they’re important to the team and company
Listening to Others’ Ideas and Opinions Evaluate how well you listen to others’ ideas and opinions
Problem Solving Expectations Create problem-solving expectations for your employees
The Right Workload for Employees Determine if the workload is right for your employees and for the company
The Great Things Employees Do Share with your employees the great things they do and how they make a difference
An Ethics and Integrity Discussion Ask a leader to come talk to the team about ethics, integrity, and the company values
Perform a Performance Review Perform a performance review with your employees
Creating Challenging Work Increase the level of challenge an employee experiences at work
Receive Feedback From Your Employees Receive feedback from your team on how you’re doing as a manager
Creating a Great Work Situation Determine what factors would create a great job and work situation for your employees
Evaluating Performance in the Right Way Determine if you're doing the right things when evaluating an employee's performance
Perform a Departure Review Perform a departure review for your team members

Managing for Success
Course Title Course Result
What the Team Loves About the Company Facilitate a team discussion regarding what employees love about the company
Building Relationships with Colleagues Build relationships with colleagues to learn about their role, skills, and expertise
Team Work-Life Balance The team determines what they can do together to create balance for everyone on the team
More Than One Solution Identify a number of potential solutions for the same problem
Solving Problems in the Right Way Determine what is required to ensure issues are solved in the right way at the right time
Team Integrity Teams discuss what integrity looks like and identifies expectations for the team
Speaking Freely with Others Share with your team how people react to you when you speak freely with others
Soliciting Ideas and Opinions Create an agenda item to discuss how the ideas and opinions of others are being solicited and used
Differences Make a Stronger Team Employees learn how each person is diverse and how these differences help make a strong team
Understand Customer Needs Strengthen your understanding of your customers’ needs and what you can do to meet them
The Importance of Safety Discuss and reinforce the importance of safety with your team
Create a Safety Culture Create a team culture focused on safety and accident prevention

Meeting Management
Course Title Course Result
Prepare for Any Meeting Prepare thoroughly for any meeting
Conduct Effective Meetings Conduct effective and efficient meetings
Be a Significant Meeting Member Become a significant and contributing meeting member
Stay Focused in Meetings Learn how to stay focused in meetings
Meeting Behavior Expectations Create meeting behavior expectations with your team

Onboarding New Employees
Course Title Course Result
New Hire Expectations of a Manager New employees know exactly what they can expect from you as a manager
First Weeks’ Deliverables New hires learn what work they must do & what they must achieve in the first few weeks on-the-job
Team Members Introduce Themselves Team members introduce themselves to the new hire
Great Work Situations for New Hires Managers learn what will create a great work situation for each new employee
Learning a New Role New employees learn how they fit in with the team and how they can contribute to the organization
We Wish We Had Known New hires learn what their peers wished they had known when starting their own job
Learning from Co-Workers New hires learn from co-workers why it’s great to work for the team and the company
Teams Share with New Hires Team members discuss the team’s overall purpose and deliverables with the new hire
New Hires Build New Skills Know what skills and knowledge the new hire must build to be successful in the new role
Coaching New Hires New employees receive coaching & information to ensure the right work is done at the right time
New Hires Get Coaching From Others New hires have a network of resources for coaching, feedback and skill building
Reconnect Employees to Individual Work New employees are reconnected to the work they must do and achieve
Feedback for New Hires New employees receive feedback on what they’ve done so far & learn what they must do in the future
Exploring Professional Development New hires explore how they can grow and develop within the company
New Hires Build a Professional Network Team members help new hires build a network of people within the company
Feedback from New Hires Managers receive feedback from their new hires
New Hire Performance Review New hires receive a review of their performance since starting their new job
Work and Challenges in the Future New hires get clear on the work and challenges that lie ahead

Project Management for Managers
Course Title Course Result
Team Involvement in Planning Identify how you will involve the team in planning the project
Brand and Promote Your Project Create a compelling and concise branding statement for your project
Project Plan Updates Identify the individuals who must be informed and updated on the project plan
Planning Tools and Resources Determine the tools and resources you will use to effectively plan your project
Articulate the Attributes of Your Ideas Learn how to confidently articulate the positive attributes and benefits of your ideas
Essential Project Plan Components Ensure your project plan has the key components required for success
Status Reporting Expectations Set team expectations for reporting and sharing project and task status
Sharing Essential Project Information Determine how quick and informative project information will be delivered from the team
Sharing Problems Right Away Discuss with the team why problems and difficult information must be shared right away
Monitor Project Status Actively monitor the current status of your project
Objectively Evaluate Proposals Use objective criteria to evaluate proposed agreements
Advocate for Interests Strengthen your ability to advocate for interests rather than positions
Be Open to Different Solutions Stay open to various and creative solutions
Focus on the Issues vs. Individuals Avoid getting personal by keeping the focus on issues, not individuals
Negotiating with Difficult People Implement negotiation strategies to cope with difficult or unethical individuals
The Likelihood of Project Risk Consider both the impact and likelihood project risks will materialize
Responding to Project Risk Know how to respond to project risks appropriately
Minimize the Consequences Minimize the consequences of adverse situations on the project

Providing Resources for Success
Course Title Course Result
Managing Team Resources Evaluate how well you manage the team or department resources
Required Employee Resources Determine if employees have the resources they need to be successful
One Resource for Success Employees identify one resource they need to be successful in the next 60 days
Use a Resource Management Agenda Item Create a resource management agenda item to ensure team needs are met
Resources and Customer Needs Consider the customers’ needs when allocating resources
Providing the Right Resources Take action to provide the resources employees need for success
Team Resource Needs Team members prioritize resources needs
Teams Improve Efficiency of Resources The team determines how they can improve the efficiency of existing resources

Recognizing Employees
Course Title Course Result
Recognize Employees Each and Every Day Provide recognition to your employees each and every day
Recognize Accomplishments and Contribution Employees are recognized for their accomplishments and contribution
Improving How Things Get Done Recognize employees who seek out ways to improve the way things get done
Balance Public and Private Recognition Create the right balance between public and private recognition
Find Others to Provide Team Recognition Find others within the organization who can give praise and recognition to your team

Retaining Your Employees
Course Title Course Result
Overall Satisfaction at Work Talk with your employees about their overall satisfaction with the company and their work situation
Keeping Your Employees Find out what factors will cause your employees to stay
Decreasing Employee Turnover Identify what is required to create a work situation that will cause each employee to stay
Who Needs Better Work-Life Balance? Identify who needs help getting a better balance between work and their personal life
Maximizing Employee Talents Determine how an employee’s top talents are used in his or her job
Creating Work Autonomy Create the right level of work autonomy for your team
Compensation Rule of Thumb Determine if each employee’s compensation package is within market range
Your Own Requirements to Stay Identify what will create a work situation that will cause you to stay

Supervision Basics
Course Title Course Result
Three Month Work Objectives Employees gain a clear understanding of what they must deliver in the next three months
Assist Employees Facing Challenges Provide help and assistance to your employees facing challenges and obstacles
Team and Company Policies Discuss the importance of team and company policies with your team
Know Your Employees Identify what you know about your employees' family, hobbies, personal challenges and interests
Know Who’s Really Contributing Identify individuals who are really contributing to the team or company goals
Involving Others in Problem Solving Involve others in solving important problems and issues
Know Your Team’s Experience and Background Get clear on the various experiences, backgrounds, skills and perspectives of your team
Work-Life Balance for the Team Ensure everyone is clear on what work/life balance looks like with the team or department

Bud to Boss Toolkit
Course Title Course Result
Discussing Your New Leadership Role Plan and conduct productive conversations with those you will work with in your new role
Understand the Expectations of a New Role Create clear expectations with your boss in your changing role
Creating the Mindset for Your New Role Know what you need to do to transition your personal mindset to be effective in your new role
Control vs. Influence Determine what you can control and influence to increase your personal and professional effectiveness
Communicating Positive Expectations Know how to have positive expectations of others
Motivation for Change Understand the factors that influence the desire and motivation to make a change
Accelerate the Acceptance of Organization Change Implement the right actions to accelerate the acceptance and success of any organization change
Diagnose Resistance to Change Diagnose resistance to change to effectively lead and champion organization change
Dominant Communication Style Know how to communicate and connect with employees who like to move fast and are task oriented
Inspiring Communication Style Know how to communicate and connect with employees who are high energy and relationship oriented
Supportive Communication Style Communicate and connect with employees who care about others and like to evaluate before acting
Cautious Communication Style Communicate and connect with employees who are great with data and like to evaluate before acting
Seven Components of Great Presentations Apply the seven key components required to give a great presentation
Sources of Feedback Understand where you can tap into your feedback power and put it to use
Four Types of Feedback Use the four types of feedback to create the right balance in your coaching
Six Step Coaching Model Use the six step coaching model to lead others to higher levels of performance
Remove Yourself as a Source of Threat Remove yourself as a source of threat during conflict to develop a mutual resolution plan
Creating a Conflict Resolution Mindset Create a conflict resolution mindset to increase your ability to facilitate effective conflict management
Accelerate Goal Achievement Articulate a compelling reason why a goal matters to accelerate progress towards achieving the goal
Goal Setting at Three Levels Know the three types of goals to motivate & inspire your team to achieve higher levels of performance

Basic Business Skills
Course Title Course Result
Strengthen Job Required Skills Increase your ability to perform the processes and procedures required for your job
Know and Meet Customer Needs Understand the changing needs of your customers and work to anticipate and meet those needs
Identify All Outcomes of a Potential Decision Identify all possible outcomes before implementing a decision
Ensure Strategy Alignment Ensure alignment to the organization’s strategy before committing to a project or initiative
Seeking Out Cutting Edge Ideas Seek out new or cutting edge programs or processes that positively impact the organization’s strategy
Organizing Your Workspace Organize your workspace and maintain a clutter free and productive work environment
Resources for Success Identify the resources you need to be successful in your role
Learn Workplace Technology Learn a new workplace technology to enhance your individual work performance
Work Place Rules and Policies Evaluate how well you adhere to critical work place rules and policies
Understanding Financial Management Take your knowledge and understanding of financial management to the next level

Become a Contributing Project Team Member
Course Title Course Result
Performance Measures for Performance Identify the performance measures you will use to determine project performance
Effective Decision Making Evaluate the effectiveness of your decision making capabilities
Understand Past Project Issues Understand past problems and plan for their potential impact on the project
Meeting Customer Needs Know what your customers need and what you can do to meet these needs
Share What You Think is Best Share with others what idea or course of action you think is best
Potential Project Risks Identify potential risks for any project
Navigate within the Organization Structure Know how to navigate people relationships and within the organization’s structure
Know the Competition Know the competition and how it compares to your company's products and services
Clear and Concise Emails Learn how to compose clear and concise emails for any audience

Building Your Career
Course Title Course Result
Potential Career Opportunities Identify potential career opportunities
Company Jobs and Opportunities Explore the jobs and opportunities within the company
Identify Your Skill Gaps Identify your current skills and capabilities and determine what gaps exist
Create a Career Plan Create a solid career plan
Building Skills for Your Career Create a skill development plan
Building a Personal Network Strengthen your personal network
Branding Yourself Brand yourself to others
Reconcile Insufficient Career Opportunities Reconcile a situation with little to no career opportunities

Building Your Leadership Skills
Course Title Course Result
Keeping Customers Informed Keep your customers informed of key information, progress and status updates
Seek Out the Ideas and Opinions of Others Actively seek the thoughts and opinions of others in key situations
Show Good Judgment Regarding Creative Ideas Demonstrate good judgment for how creative ideas and suggestions will work
Integrity Review Perform an integrity review on your actions and behaviors
Contributing to the Organization Strategy Identify what you need to do differently to effectively contribute to the organization strategy
Support the Organization’s Vision and Strategy Select the actions you will take to lead the organization’s vision and strategy
Manage Conflict with Others Use a process for managing conflict with others
Learn From a Conflict Management Expert Identify someone who is good at conflict management who you can learn from
How Inspiring Are You? Evaluate how inspiring your words and actions are to others
Be a Powerful and Inspirational Role Model Become a powerful and inspirational role model to others

Communicating with Others
Course Title Course Result
Nonverbal Communication Monitor and improve your nonverbal communication actions
Understanding Body Language Strengthen your ability to read other people's body language
Talk About and Promote the Company Vision Determine how you will talk about, promote and share the organization’s vision with others
Create a Vision Branding Statement Create a concise branding statement to connect others to the organization's vision
Handling Customer Complaints Positively handle queries or complaints from your customers

Creating Great Work
Course Title Course Result
What Excites You at Work? Identify what excites you the most about the company and its future
Increase the Level of Challenge at Work Identify the actions you can take to increase the level of challenge in your own work
Analyze Key Experiences for Lessons Learned Analyze key experiences from the last two years to discover what you’ve learned
Work-Life Balance for You Define what great work balance looks like for you
The Right Level of Challenge Talk to your boss about the right level of challenge for you

Developing for Success
Course Title Course Result
Exploring Company Job Opportunities Explore the jobs and opportunities within the company
Brand and Promote What You Do Learn how to brand and promote what you love to do
Identify Potential Career Opportunities Identify potential career opportunities
Know Your Skills and Gaps Identify your current skills and capabilities and determine what gaps exist
Building Skills and Capabilities Identify the top actions you can do to strengthen your skills, capabilities, and overall performance
Skill Development Opportunities Identify skill development opportunities for yourself and/or your employees
Personal Skill Development Plan Create a personal skill development plan
Increase Your Personal Performance Build the skills required to increase personal performance
Best Professional Organizations for You Identify the best professional organizations you should join for your job or career
Personal Expectations and Your Workload Check your personal expectations regarding your workload and job requirements

Developing Work Relationships
Course Title Course Result
Working with a Diverse Team Evaluate how well you work with individuals with different perspectives and expertise
Build your Network Build relationships with colleagues to learn about their role, skills and expertise
Empathy for Others Assess the level of empathy you show others
Share Your Knowledge and Expertise Increase your willingness to share your knowledge and expertise with others
Recognize Your Peers Recognize your peers for their contributions and accomplishments
Building Trust with Others Build trust with others by building relationships with your colleagues
Balance Conflicting Customer Priorities Balance the conflicting priorities of different customers

Increasing Your Contribution at Work
Course Title Course Result
Increase Your Personal Success Identify one action that if done more will increase your personal success
Struggling to Meet Commitments Solve for the reasons you struggle to meet commitments
Increase Your Personal Engagement Outline the actions that will increase your personal engagement and performance
Increase the Quantity of Work Select specific actions you will take to increase the quantity of work produced
Stay Productive While Waiting for Answers Maintain personal productivity while waiting for answers to critical questions
When Are You Most Creative? Identify the time you are most creative and innovative
Organizing Information for Productivity Organize information to increase your effectiveness and productivity
Creating Accountability for Business Results Work with your boss to create accountabilities for how you are responsible to achieve business results

Personal Behaviors and Conduct
Course Title Course Result
Manners and Courtesy at Work Evaluate your level of manners and courtesy at work
Developing an Attitude to Learn Determine if you display an attitude to learn
Increase Your Objectivity Increase objectivity by identifying various perspectives of the same situation
Do You Overreact? Determine if you tend to overreact to stressful and difficult situations
Persevere During Setbacks Persevere in the face of setbacks
Being Consistent with Company Values Increase the consistency between your actions and the company values
Don’t Jump to Solutions Spend time asking questions before immediately jumping to solutions

Starting a New Job
Course Title Course Result
Clear Work Expectations Know exactly what you must do over the next six months to be a high performing employee
Learn about the Company and Customers New hires learn more about the company and its customers
Information for Success Find out who can provide the information you need to be successful in your job
Making an Impact Determine how you make a positive impact on the team and within the company
Getting to Know Your Peers Get to know your co-workers’ role, skills, and expertise
Six Month Work Priorities Get clear on your work priorities for the next six months
Current Performance Review Review your current level of performance and determine what you should do going forward

You and Your Boss
Course Title Course Result
Feedback for Great Results Identify the areas you need feedback on to deliver great results
Ask Your Boss for Feedback Ask your boss for feedback on your performance
Support the Company Mission and Vision Talk with your boss regarding how your actions & behaviors support the company mission and values
Discuss Your Work-Life Balance Needs Meet with your boss to discuss your work/life balance needs
Recognizing Your Boss for Personal Achievements Recognize your boss for his or her contribution to the team’s achievements & your individual success

Writing to Get Things Done® Toolkit
Course Title Course Result
Effective Business Communication Know and use the three components of effective business communication
Separating Readers' and Writers' Needs Be able to separate the readers’ needs from the writer’s needs
Identifying Ineffective Writing Styles Identify ineffective writing styles
Using the Reporting Process Use the reporting process when creating written communications
Selecting the Best Writing Model Know how to select and use the best writing model for presenting your thoughts and ideas
Write Effective Opening Paragraphs Be able to write an effective opening paragraph
Effective Middle and Closing Paragraphs Write an effective middle and closing paragraph
Forecasting Subject Lines Be able to write a concise and effective forecasting subject line
Most Common Business Writing Model Know how to use the writing model required for about 80% of your writing
Writing Model for Reports and Documents Use the writing model required for long documents, such as reports and manuals
Writing Style and Tone Know how to use an effective writing style and tone
Effective Emails Assess the quality of your emails

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