OurApproach2intRAtrain™ by Russell Associates specializes in organization improvement utilizing employee development and training solutions. Our approach is to start by learning about you and your issues.

1. What is your situation?
2. What would you like to accomplish?

We will listen. We will discuss possible solutions. We will offer ideas. And, collectively, we will make decisions.

Then, we will design and deliver the "right" solution designed specifically for your situation. We specialize in working with companies just like yours.

Our complete system of products designed to help your company develop people and improve processes includes:

intRAtrain™ LMS- a learning management system designed with the user’s needs in mind.  It provides companies with an easy to use solution that is both scalable and affordable.  Train, track and document your learning easily. 
intRAtrain™ Custom- content created and delivered to meet your unique needs.  Delivered as stand-alone computer-based training, facilitator-led blended learning, mobile learning or a combination or methods.  Custom developed training saves time and money and produces measurable results. 
intRAtrain™ Safety- general safety training geared to individual and group learning to help modify employee behavior and practices related to safe operation of facilities and equipment.  Available as online, facilitator-led or blended learning. 
intRAtrain™ Food Safety- a library of online, facilitator led, and blended learning training courses that focuses on ensuring safety and quality products, satisfied customers and reduced exposure by ensuring compliance with regulations and certifications.
intRAtrain™ Blended Learning- a proven six-phase performance system that brings learners to mastery faster.  It combines assessments, performance contracting, eLearning, live workshops and coaching reinforcement in a mix of traditional and technology based training. 
intRAtrain™ Library- a collection of over 3,000 interactive online training and streaming video courses.  Courses are available to provide you with a wide breadth and depth of subjects, disciplines and perspectives.
intRAtrain Incentive Services and Programs: Incentive programs and services create a positive difference within companies and organization.  Recognition and awards are used to motivate, to encourage, reward and sustain performance improvement.  

If you are looking for a complete data collection, transfer and management system, visit our complementary brand inspectiTRAC™.  inspectiTRAC™ is designed to save time and reduce the cost of inspections, audits and observations and automating the process


On-boarding...Why is it important to me?

What's this thing called on-boarding? Why is it important to me?  Those are very good questions. Remember company orientation training? This was generally where new employees were presented with key information on company policies and procedures. Experienced employees often were responsible for "showing new employees the ropes" and teaching job skills based on their own experiences - good and bad. On-boarding is orientation training on steroids!  Learn more by requesting our informative whitepaper.



Visit inspectiTRAC.com

We invite you to stop over and visit our sister company inspectitRAC at www.inspectiTRAC.com

inspectiTRAC is a complete system designed for data collection, transfer and management that is easy to use and saves both time and resources.

If you are looking for a method to eliminate paper-based audits, inspections and observations, the system is designed with you in mind. 




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