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Ag workerFeeding a growing planet requires dedication from agricultural producers, accompanied by professional insights and innovative services from a variety of suppliers.  With a global population soaring toward 9 billion over the next forty years, collectively we face the challenge of feeding exponentially more people, with fewer resources.  That means efficiencies must be gained, to make up for areas where other resources may be lacking.

Training employees to perform their jobs safely, efficiently, and effectively has never been more important.  The agriculture workforce must operate with a new level of proficiency, in order to meet the food demands of the growing world.  Whether it is the producer training employees to reduce waste in the production facility, the transportation of related outputs, or suppliers wishing to train an optimal sales & customer service team, high quality training is required.

As a trusted partner in the agriculture industry, Russell Associates believes that supporting all stakeholders from farm gate to dinner plate is a task worth pursuing.  Our part in meeting the food challenges of this generation is in creating high quality training programs that develop human capital.  Yes, the end result is the production of enough safe food, using safe systems, in order to support the planet.  However, the solutions lie not only in production – but within the innovative workforce that is capable of performing at increasingly high levels. 

Russell Associates offers the insight our clients need, to develop the right kind of solution to address change needs, or to capitalize on opportunity.  Using a consultative approach, we ask the right questions, in order to discover the true need.  We strive to understand the situation, and use the right kind of approach to provide an optimal solution.  Every situation is unique, and Russell Associates has the resources to meet your specific need.

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