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Sometimes a company, department, or operation will encounter an issue or problem they have not encountered before and it can seem overwhelming. Being overwhelmed often occurs as a result of being so close to the issue that it is hard to be objective. It can also happen if the situation is new, foreign, or if it is complicated by internal politics. No matter what the cause, the issue or the problem, a consultant can often bring a new or fresh perspective and be a tremendous asset in systems design, problem solving, and management.

Knowledge, skills, and experience in various industries at all levels allow Russell Associates staff to share their expertise on a consulting basis as a service to our many clients. Consultants can bring a fresh perspective to a situation. As consultants, Russell Associates is not biased and can remain independent and objective in its evaluation and recommendations. We can also provide expertise that may not be available internally.

businessmanConsulting is not limited to any one area or discipline. Companies can benefit from consulting services in areas such as:

  • Human Resources
  • Safety
  • Sales and Marketing Practices
  • Production and Operations
  • Employee Development

At some time everyone can benefit from the services of a consultant. Corporate staff can use consultants to conduct studies and evaluate processes to identify gaps in procedures, make recommendations for streamlining operations, etc.

Managers often hire a consultant to evaluate processes, to make recommendations on work flow, job responsibilities, etc. Consultants can assess staff temperament, morale, needs, and issues better than can be done internally because a consultant is not viewed as a challenge or threat to staff or employee's positions.

No matter what the need or issue, Russell Associates uses a "hands-on" approach with personnel to evaluate and develop recommendations on a sound, factual basis.

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